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Lista trofeów w grze Dead Effect 2. W grze istnieje możliwość zdobycia platyny.

Dead Effect 2 trofea

Dead Effect 2
All trophies acquired
Hell at the End – Grand finale
Finish the mission on any difficulty.
Survival – Survivalist
50 Survive mission finished.
Biohazard – No wave can kill me
50 Biohazard missions finished.
Water suply – Sneaky is my middle name
Do not alert the drone.
Water suply – Not in a hurry
Finish the mission without using the stamina.
Water suply – Never too careful
Use every healing chamber in the level.
Wagner port – Teleportphobia
Do not use more teleports than you have to.
Wagner port – Peekaboo
Hide from the boss for 1 minute in total.
Wagner port – I am out
Finish the mission with no ammunition left.
Wagner lab walk – Too slow
Do not get hit by the anomaly .
Wagner lab walk – Maze runner
Finish the level in 2 minutes.
Wagner lab walk – Cleaner
Kill every enemy in the level.
Train escape – Hat-trick
Kill 3 enemies with headshots with one magazine.
Train escape – Good old shootout
Do not use the mounted weapon.
Train escape – Getting faster
Kill 5 enemies in 10 seconds.
Supersoldier – What explosives?
Do not use explosives for the duration of the mission.
Supersoldier – Eye of a bull
Kill at least 5 enemies with headshots without reloading.
Supersoldier – Control yourself
Finish the mission without using any special abilities.
Server takeover – Switching is for cowards
Finish the mission using only one type of weapon.
Server takeover – Slow agony
Kill every enemy in the mission without a headshot.
Server takeover – Home prison
Do not leave the center room.
Revive Razor – Gunman
Do not use the iron sight for the duration of the mission.
Revive Razor – Devil’s number
Fire only six bullets from a gun and than switch. Repeat the process for the duration of the mission.
Revive Razor – Clear
Deal the final blow to the boss with the paralyzer.
Reactor Battery – Mathemathician
Disable the force field before you are told to.
Reactor Battery – Machine Killer
Finish the mission with accuracy higher than 90 %.
Reactor Battery – Everybody on board
Kill all the enemies in the level.
Oxygen fix – Precision aiming
Kill an enemy in the air.
Oxygen fix – Orb lover
Collect every orb in the level.
Oxygen fix – Close to the edge
Your health dropped under 15 % three times.
Missing components – Primary fan
Finish the mission using only the primary weapon.
Missing components – No door unturned
Open all the lockers in the level.
Missing components – I can haz no deathz
Finish the mission without dying.
Life Experiment – Steady aiming
Kill 5 enemies while crouching.
Life Experiment – Fast and accurate
Finish the mission in less than 4 minutes with accuracy higher than 80 %.
Life Experiment – Better stock them up
Collect every ammo box in the level.
Hell at the End – Out of breath
Finish the mission in 3 minutes.
Hell at the End – Glass half empty
Finish the mission with less than 50 % of health.
Hangar sabotage – Who needs ammo
Do not collect any ammo boxes in the level.
Hangar sabotage – Suck it Grim reaper
Use the medikit or medibag with 3 % left
Hangar sabotage – Glass half full
Finish the mission with more than 50 % of health.
Get Minikin – Who needs GPS?
Find an elevator card without being told.
Get Minikin – Old-fashioned
Finish the mission without using abilities or the paralyzer.
Get Minikin – Dodged that!
Do not get hit by the boss’s ultrasound wave.
Get connected – Nope it won’t work
Shoot the forcefield 10 times.
Get connected – Headman
Kill every enemy using headshots.
Get connected – Elektrician
Finish the mission using only the paralyzer.
Game general – Gravedigger
Kill 10,000 enemies.
Find way out – Tablet lover
Collect every tablet in the level.
Find way out – Doctor is in
Successfully remove 10 zombie parts.
Find way out – Bullet saver
Kill 5 enemies with one magazine.
Drone chip – Untouchable
Finish the mission without taking any damage.
Drone chip – Drone buster
Kill the drone in less than 60 seconds.
Drone chip – Credits everywhere
Find all credits in the mission.
Biotech device – Secondary fan
Finish the mission using only the secondary weapon.
Biotech device – Ordinary person
Finish the mission without using any special ability.
Biotech device – I can do better
Finish the mission in less than 5 minutes with accuracy higner than 70%
Base defense1 – Planner
Kill 3 enemies with explosives.
Base defense1 – Die right now
Use any special ability to kill 5 enemies.
Base defense1 – Can’t touch me
Do not get hit for 1 minute.
Awakening – Somebody wants to be rich
Collect every credit in the level.
Awakening – Hood in space
Finish the mission with accuracy higher than 70 %.
Awakening – Cat person
Kill every dog in the level without getting hit.


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